WIU Sports Experience (Multimedia Package)

The experience that can be seen on the campus of Western Illinois University is  a proud one. WIU is located in Macomb, IL. Macomb is home to 20,000 people. Those 20,000 people have been going to WIU sporting events for years. They give Leatherneck athletics the drive and passion to be better. They make WIU what it is. A fun, and exciting place to enjoy sports. The experience can be described in so many ways. Devin Christmon, whom I interviewed for this story had this to say.

The biggest thing Devin said was how different Western has been from his high school experiences. He also described how difficult it is to get an interview with players here at WIU. In my experience with that, I’d say the same thing. High school and college are two very different places. Although I will say this. Their is a learning curve, and it can be met with hard work, and a lot of work.

Devin also talked about his time in the pep band and what it meant for him to be able to travel with the women’s basketball team to the summit league tourney, and what it honor it was. That is one of the many things you can experience here at WIU if you are a student here. There are numerous opportunities that can be achieved if you set your goals properly.


Above is my audio story also using Devin and his interview of WIU experiences. I added some music and sound effects to bring the story to life. None the less, he also thought the women’s team doing what they did in 2017 was great for the program. It was exactly what any team needs. A huge boost for a run like they had will make any school look so much better. And that adds to the experiences that fans will have for years to come. Teams will get better, and the experience gets better with them.

The final thing that was discussed was how the football team had been doing in the past to impress the students and the fans during the fall. Devin described the players that have graduated and made NFL teams in recent years, and how that’s impacted his views on the team itself. When you have young men from this college go on to a platform like the NFL and represent Western Illinois, it adds to that experience completely. It gives you a reason to go out and support the team even more. 5,000 people show up on game day every Saturday when WIU plays at historic Hansen Field every year. Even more people watch on ESPN3, another thing Mr. Christmon described as one of the many benefits of being a sporting broadcasting major here at Western Illinois.

Regardless, there are numerous ways to experience WIU sports no matter what you do with your time as a student or as a citizen of Macomb. It is up to you to decide if its going to be great or not. Below you will find a slideshow of pictures I have taken recently.


NFL Draft Recap of the top 10


Today, I am going to give my own opinion of the top 10 picks of the recent NFL draft that happened over the weekend. I’ll go over each of the first 10 picks explaining why or why not I thought each team picked well.

1. Cleveland Browns

The Browns took who they think is going to be their future QB for the next 20 years. Baker Mayfield. We’ve seen this pick before though. The Browns continue to go through QB’s like their frozen meals. They look good on the shelf, but once you taste them, your like what did I just buy? Mayfield might actually be the answer, but only time will tell.

2. New York Giants

Saquon Barkley, arguably the best player in this draft, is headed to the Giants. The Giants fill one of their biggest needs with this pick. Barkley will be a future pro-bowler for years to come and I think this was a home run pick. His 4.4 40 time was one of the best among the RB group. His measurable numbers are no doubt the reason he was taken this high.

3. New York Jets

The Jets took the #1 ranked QB in the draft in Sam Darnold out of USC. This young man has been constantly ridiculed and underrated this coming out of Southern Cal this past fall. Haters are going to hate and that’s just life. I believe the Jets got a prime QB to learn behind new free agent signee Teddy Bridgewater. Jets fans will no doubt be very pleased with this pick.

4. Cleveland Browns 

With the 4th pick of this draft and the Browns 2nd pick already, Denzel Ward, the top DB in the draft from Ohio State makes a lot of sense for Cleveland here. It’s not the most popular pick with Chubb still sitting on the board, but Ward can still slot in as a top corner right away.

5. Denver Broncos

The Denver Broncos come in at number 5 and take Bradley Chubb out of NC State. The DE/OLB is going to be a perfect fit across from the pro-bowler, Von Miller. You can imagine the pure shock on Denver’s faces when he fell to this spot in the draft. Chubb is someone who I think a lot of teams lower down the draft board were looking to trade up to, but Denver said no way!

6. Indianapolis Colts

The top overall guard in this years draft is headed for the cornfields of Indianapolis. The Colts will look to solidify their offensive line with Quenton Nelson out of ND. This kid had the best awareness out of any O-linemen in this class, and was someone I was also surprised to see fall this far down the line of picks. Teams will definitely be regretting not taking this guy for years to come.

7. Buffalo Bills (From Tampa Bay)

The Bills traded with the Bucs to get their own future superstar QB after giving away Tyrod Taylor in the offseason to Cleveland. They gave up the 12th pick overall and a 2019 first rounder as well. They would take Kyle Allen, the QB out of Wyoming. This was one of the QB’s in this draft that I thought had a lot of work to do to be ready to play in the NFL. Guys like Kiper and McShay were saying this young man is going to be a project, but sometimes projects are ok. Hint: Tom Brady*

8. Chicago Bears

Vic Fangio got his man. The linebacker that is going to complete his core alongside Danny Treviathan and Leonard Floyd. Roquan Smith, from Georgia, is going to be an absolute force in the NFL. He ran a 4.5 40 at the combine, the fastest among LB’s. This guy can run sideline to sideline no problem and he was exactly who the bears needed for defense.

9. San Francisco 49ers

With the 9th pick in the NFL draft, the 49ers decided to protect their newest franchise QB in Jimmy Garappolo. Mike McClinchy, the OT out of ND, who was projected as low as 23rd to the Bengals was taken here. The 49ers needs on defense I believe were far more greater for an LB like Tremaine Edwards who was still on the board. This was a reach on their part and I don’t think McClinchy deserved to go this high in the draft.

10. Arizona Cardinals (From Oakland)

And finally rounding out the top 10, Arizona made the move to take a QB and trade up 4 spots to secure their own franchise QB. Oakland managed to gain an extra 2nd and 3rd round pick out of the deal and only had to go back 4 spots to do it. Josh Rosen was, however, the Cardinals decision at number 10. The UCLA product was one of the more underrated prospects in the QB pool, and I personally thought he was the best QB in this draft class. Rosen was even heard saying, “9 teams just made the biggest mistakes of their lives.” That is a bold statement for anyone being drafted, but its those words that drove Arizona to draft the guy.



The Vegas Knights are making everybody go INSANE!

The hype is most definitely real this year for the NHL playoffs. 16 teams started the tournament and now all, but 8 remain. One of those 8 teams left happens to be the Los Vegas Golden Knights. This is their inaugural season. All season long, they heard things like, “this is going to be a learning season, they’ll be lucky to get 50 points, don’t bother paying attention to them, there a new team, they won’t have any chemistry.” 

The Knights simply responded by winning 51 games, 109  points, and the securing the Pacific division title. Don’t worry though, they won’t be good. They won’t sweep the Los Angeles Kings in the first round, they wont be up 2-1 in the 2nd round over the San Jose Sharks. Oh wait a minute, that’s exactly what they have done. They have impressed everyone this year, including myself. I’ll be man enough to admit when I’m wrong, but I was one of those doubters at the start of this season.

My main point is this. The Knights are making everybody rip their hair out, including me. They’re olds at the beginning of the year to win the Stanley Cup were 500 to 1. Basically if you made a $25 dollar bet, you can earn $25,000 if they win it all. That is how much people have doubted them this year.

Regardless of doubt, and the haters in the world, this team is bound for immortality. They are on the verge of joining the legends of the past. Should we be making these kinds of statements though? Is the NHL expansion rules flawed? Perhaps. As they stand now, a new franchise is allowed to take 3 players from each team in the league of their choosing. Of course, those other teams can protect at least 8 of their own players as well. If some teams are stacked, and they have 10 to 12 really good players, then Vegas can easily jump on those guys and take them no problem. I do think the rules can be changed. Maybe change it to where you can only take 1 or 2 from each team, and the other teams can protect more players. Even make things more interesting by giving the expansion team more draft picks. Either way, you have to keep things fair for future teams if they want to expand or not so the rules will probably stay the same.

NBA finals predictions through the mid-way point of the playoffs

The 2018 NBA playoffs are living up to their usual hype. The warriors are winning no problem without Steph Curry, LeBron escaped the first round, the 76ers process might actually be over, and the Jazz, and Pelicans are the surprise teams to make it out alive from the first round of madness.

There is also a losing side that gets forgotten far too easily. The Pacers, in my opinion, turned a lot of heads this year, and almost did the unthinkable which is knock LeBron James off his pedestal. The Timberwolves, who were led by Jimmy Butler and company, kept the rockets on their toes, but couldn’t manage more then one win that series. The Thunders idea of a super team didn’t work out at all as they were upset by the Jazz, and lastly, the 3 seeded Trail Blazers were ousted in 4 games and the only sweep of the year. As for the rest of the playoffs, I’ll make some predictions, make some bold statements, and give some insight into what the future holds for the NBA.

1. The Cleveland Cavaliers will NOT make the finals.

I am going to make my point right now. LeBron’s run of 7 straight NBA finals will end this year. They not only barely escaped the grasp of the Indiana Pacers, but now they have to take on the top seed in the east. The Toronto Raptors, who have long been the chokers of the east now find themselves in a prime spot to legitimately move on the Eastern Conference Finals. With Kyle Lowry, and Demar Derozen leading the team in points per game, and 3pt shooting, this looks like a team ready to make the push.

2. Steph Curry will win Finals MVP

Steph Curry has finally returned to the starting lineup of the Golden State Warriors for game 2 of the 2nd round matchup against the Pelicans of New Orleans. He would score 26 in that contest as the Warriors took the win and went up 2-0 in the series. Just looking at smooth he played in that game alone has me thinking he is going to be just fine during the rest of the playoffs, and I say he wins MVP of the finals.

3. Finals Predictions

The Golden State Warriors and the Philadelphia 76ers will reach the 2018 NBA finals. The Warriors are easily the best team in the league. Whether you agree with that statement or not, you and I both know its true. Kevin Durant may be a cupcake, Draymond Green might be a bully, Klay Thompson might be a poser, and Steph Curry could be a bum, but THERE GOOD. They are the defending World Champions for a reason.

The 76ers will finally realize there true potential, and make the finals as the biggest surprise of the year. Ben Simmons has gone into turbo drive, Joel Embiid has returned from injury, JJ Reddick is shooting lights out from 3, all the while making quite the squad to push the rest of the contenders for Supremacy. Trust the process will be heard the throughout the playoffs, and you better believe this team is hungry for more wins.

Is Stanton really worth it?


Let’s ask the question that we all want to ask. Has Giancarlo Stanton lived up to the hype? Most would say no. The majority of those people would be Yankee fans. Yankee fans also thought that he was exactly what they needed to get them over the hump, and back into the world series. The 27 time world champion fan base would never have guessed that the same man who hit 59 homers last season would have struggled so much this season.

Stanton has already struck out 20 times in eight home games. This is the most by any ball player since 1900. He also achieved platinum sombrero status (five strikeouts in a game) twice this season in less than a week. There was even one stretch this season where he went 2 for 32 with 17 strikeouts. Clearly the pressure of being a New York Yankee might be a little bit more then what Stanton has been normally accustomed to like Miami.

If you look to the brighter side of the left fielder, then you might realize that he might actually catch Barry Bond’s record of 73 home runs in one season. in 29 games, he has hit a mere 5 home runs, but he is hitting .323 at this point of the season. You almost have to wonder if he can pick up the slack, and get back to his old playing days with the marlins. Time will tell for the $325 millionaire. For a guy with a contract that large, I wouldn’t be too worried about my stats either.

Jeff Dickerson, my full opinion on his work


As you can see, I am going to critique Jeff Dickerson today. He is the writer for the Chicago Bears on ESPN.com I have followed his work for quite some time. I constantly read his articles when they appear on the website. I always thought he has done a terrific job of telling the story and keeping the readers attention. The article I choose for today was about the Bears first round pick, Roquan Smith, from this years 2018 NFL draft. You will find the article itself above attached at the top.

From a journalistic standpoint, I think the article is written perfectly. He adds a video at the top of Smith during an interview. Videos always make a difference in a post, especially when its about sports. You can look at this from all the angles, but the research, and the quotes that Dickerson gets to make this story news worthy makes all the difference. That is another that is key for any writer. Your story needs to be news worthy, or relevant. If it isn’t either of those, then I would suggest starting over from where you started. Like I stated previously, Dickerson does both of those things. I never once lose interest in the piece and you as well can easily read through it no problem.

As you look towards the rest of the article, Dickerson actually  transcribed some of the interview from the video above, which I think is a nice added touch to the piece. He also does a nice job of getting every side of the story. That is a huge plus. If your a journalist, and don’t talk about both sides of the story, then your only hurting yourself. There needs to be more then just what meets the eye.


No Media for 12 Hours..

Try to imagine life without technology. No phone, no TV, NOTHING. Try going through  an entire day where it may get a little boring. I, myself, experienced this task first hand, and it wasn’t easy at all.

My life revolves around my phone, video games, and TV. From that standpoint, you could imagine how frustrating this challenge would be for me. Tech revolves around all of us realistically. It has not only controlled our lives for this long, but ever since it has come about, it has changed us forever for the better. Some would say it was for the worse.

In my experience however, I felt very bored as the process began. There was nothing to do! It was so weird not being able to touch my phone or videogames. I actually found myself reading a book, something which I would never normally do, mind you. It was just a very interesting day all together. Catching myself reading a book was kind of a reality check. I realized I could do much more then just waste my brain staring at a bright screen all day. I learned to go outside and take in a beautiful day that wouldn’t keep even a mouse inside.

All in all, whatever you decide to do, make sure you have a book or something to do. I will tell you right now, it isn’t a fun 12 hours, but trust me when I say this. You’re going to make it just fine. Life wont change. Only your perspectives.